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Season 2

Season 1 - 2 - All Episodes
The 44
When last we left Scott and Dave, they had been abducted by aliens. Scott and Dave return from outer space to find that everything has changed!
Scott and Dave's problems get bigger as they try to fix the size of Dave's TV.
Revenge of the Clones
Scott attempts to solve their time management issues with a cloning machine.
Beauty and the Geeks
Scott and Dave meet their match.
Geek Hard
Terrorists seize Dave's apartment, girlfriend and pants.
A Geek Too Far
Scott and Dave have finally been reunited after being driven apart by the women in their lives. What happens when Scott's girlfriend wants so much more from their relationship? What happens when you push A Geek Too Far?
Flashback to the Future
Scott and Dave hypnotize themselves so they can remember the details of their UFO abduction.
Cat Scan
When Dave and Scott's cat Geek goes missing, they must go...outside to look for her.
The DaVinci Comic
A secret lost in time, the return of an old enemy and a comic book that is more than it seems.
Alignment Check
The Man returns to take his revenge on Scott and Dave, and gives them a glimpse of the other side.
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