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Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer has fronted semi-pro and pro club bands since the early 90s. His first band, Up your Sleeve became known for playing clubs like the Opera House. He moved to Southwestern Ontario in 1999, and fronted all-original alternative band SOMA.

In 2004, Kramer joined Waterloo-based blues and R&B cover band One Bald Tire. He fronted the band for two years, singing on their debut album Retreads.

Kramer recorded with heavy rock band Exit Right 4 in 2010. He sang on 6 original songs on their album, End of Time. He also played harmonica for the sole blues song on the album.

Kramer is now happy to call himself the lead vocalist for Buzz Kings. He prides himself on precision delivery and a wide baritone-tenor vocal range. He complements his energetic stage presence with harmonica and various percussion instruments.

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