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2009: Faster than Heck!

So where did the year go? It seems like it was just summer a few weeks ago. Maybe it\'s the delayed winter, maybe it\'s the fact that we\'ve been so busy adjusting to, and taking care of, Ella. Either way, I can\'t believe that 2009 is nearly over.

It\'s been a busy year, and a productive one. There are still a few loose ends to be tied up, but all things in their time.

A big part of the year was getting our house, both metaphorically and literally, in order. Big renovations in April and May included replacing nearly all the floors in the house, and building a killer home theatre system.

Prior to that, we had paid down all consumer debt. Now the only thing we owe is the mortgage. People say that you can never be ready for a baby, but we were.

Then, after a long wait, she was here. It feels like it was just yesterday. The only reason I know that it wasn\'t is because it got so damned cold all of a sudden. That and she got big. She used to fit in the crook of my arm. Not so now.

Not a bad year at all. Just a little quick. Here\'s hoping that 2010 has a little smelling the roses time!

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