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Playing at the Bean

I played at Planet Bean again tonight and I realize that I\'m the only person who plays here that doesn\'t use any real gear.

I mean that.

Everybody comes in here with an amplifier. They use it to hook up a microphone and their guitars. They sound really great, and this isn\'t meant to criticize them at all. I\'m just realizing that I\'ve finally trained my voice to a point where I can project at any point in my range. As a result, I sing with considerable volume. The fact is, it\'s a coffee house. We\'re playing in about 900 square feet.

As such, I walk up there with my guitar and start playing. The walls are brick and the ceiling is high. So the room has the most fantastic reverb. One of my favourite songs to play here is Is She Really Going Out With Him. The song has those moments of silence that let you hear the echo in a really great way. The set has evolved over the last few weeks and I\'m able to play for an hour and a half straight with enough variety that it\'s not the same set every week. That takes about 3 hours of material. It\'s a mix of \"popular\" covers, relatively obscure covers and original material all mixed together so that people have to guess which is which. This way the original material is as interesting to them as the Beatles songs.

The one consistent thing is that I\'ve been ending off with All My Only Dreams and Better Things. It\'s proven to be the strongest ender and gives a real punch to the set. That gives me a goal to shoot for. I need to beat that ending, again, if only to make things different every time.

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  1. Sounds wonderful to hear. I miss those days of just heading out for a night of good music. Wish I had known earlier you were over in Guelph, I would’ve tried to come hear you, but now we’re moving back to Whitby on Aug 25.

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