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Truly a favourite topic of mine. I learned to read from comic books. In university, I even audited a closed Theoretical Physics class. The prof didn\'t want to let me in, but he had me talk to him about my knowledge of the subject matter, and we discussed Schrodinger\'s Cat and Everett\'s Many Worlds Theory in such detail that he allowed me in. Everything I said to him came from Peter Milligan\'s run on Animal Man. He had a hard gig, following Grant Morrison on that book, but he got me into a cool class!

In addition to all of this, I do a podcast called The Legion of Substitute Podcasters every week with my buddies Darren, Matt and Scott, focusing on the Legion of Super Heroes. Check it out here.

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  1. Hello! longtime fan of your podcast. We met once during a fanexpo show, in front of Alex/Jack’s table i think. Anyway normally I would be happy just being a quiet and devoted listener of your podcast, but the recent foretress lad episode forced my had… encouraged to say “exellent show, sirs!” and ask if I can get a scan of the pages from the aborted fortress lad story because although I can picture it just by your narration, I would love-LOVE to see those pages. IF possible, I would appreciate it. Thank you and have a super day. from Angson (but call me Anson, I respond to either name)

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