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Hack Attack

Literally a couple of hours after I wrote the last post, WordPress issued another upgrade. \"Screw it,\" said I!

Then last night the site got hacked, so upgrade I did, if only to tell the mewling f#%ks that they didn\'t get me. In fact they did me a favor.

Bring it, script kiddies. I backup regularly so erasing your oh so clever handiwork takes a couple of keystrokes and a drag and drop. Less effort, I believe, than it took you to do the damage.

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Upgrade Insanity

Little drives me more nuts than when the WordPress dashboard informs me of a new version. I find the automatic updates rarely works, so it becomes a game of the manual update. Permissions must be changed, files overwritten and databases backed up. I\'ve just upgraded two of my sites, and, after some frustrations, strangely, different ones for each site, it\'s done...

Until the next version hits!

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