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You Must Remember This

Memory is a funny thing. All my life, I\'ve been blessed with a pretty good memory. In school, I was able to read something once and retain it. In fact, in high school, I didn\'t even do that much. If it got mentioned in the class at some point, that was good enough. I remember events in such detail that it once became a game to my friends to see what associations I would make to remember where we were at a certain point. 
The most fun part of it to them, was that I was pretty much always right. Not that they were fact checking. They just wanted to know where the hell we were, and they knew that this would be a fun way to find out. I mean, what are you going to do, look through your old receipts, or ask Rainman what time Wapner is on?  
They say as you get older, your memory gets worse. Sometimes that\'s just an unavoidable fact of aging, and the fact that the ol\' CPU just fires up a little differently. I think that another part of it is that there\'s just that much more crap bogging your mind down. It\'s one thing for me to remember my high school locker combination in my twenties (12-46-23) but holding onto it, along with the phone number we had when I was a little kid (519-271-1392). As more decades pass, there are numbers that continue to accumulate, and at some point you think \"I\'d like to reclaim some of that disc space, thank you very much!\"
So today, a guy my wife works with just had a baby, and apparently swiped one of the names that she had been keeping on the short list for the future (not the immediate future. Believe me, when the time comes, I\'ll actually write a post). She said I\'d met the guy at a work event a few years back. I remember...Nothing.I don\'t remember it at all. I vaguely remember the work event, but not meeting this guy. I can tell you where I parked that day, but I don\'t specifically remember meeting this guy. It\'s tough to meet defeat on something this simple, but there it is. 
Now, if he had been trapped in my locker back in high school, I could get him out, no problem!

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