The Velocity of Stuff Stuff and Nonsense



So, it\'s been a week of vacation. Well, that\'s what they call it in the payroll office at work. Around here, it\'s been a busy time of finishing up some tasks we\'ve been holding off on since we moved in back in March.

We started off by digging up some of the side garden. The previous owner had allowed this garden to run rampant, and it had done so, well over the property line. We dug that up and built a retaining wall to keep it under control. We figured that it was going to be a huge job and likely take a couple of days. Instead, we managed to knock it out in one. Then, the hard work started. The garage seemed like a great place to put all of the stuff that we didn\'t have a place for, or that we didn\'t want to deal with. Now, with the winter feeling ever closer, we realized it\'s time. Thus far, and with a couple of days to go, I\'ve taken 8 boxes of books to be donated to the local library. I know I\'m not going to be reading that novelization of 12 Monkeys anytime soon. Two van loads of junk (much of which was left here by the previous owner) have been taken to the dump. All that, and I\'ve still got 2 more days of work to do!

The saving grace though, is that one of us takes Ella somewhere in the morning, so that the other has some time to get work done without interruption (while I\'ve been working on the garage, Jan has finished painting the bathroom and has painted our bedroom and the guest room). Today, I took Ella to the Y, which is her favourite place on Earth, it would appear. We had a great morning, and Jan got a ton of work done.

All of that work came to an abrupt end when we realized that Charlie had laid down on a paint can lid. Puppy bath and adult exhaustion ensued.

It\'s been a productive vacation, but, it pales next to Vegas last year!

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