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Not Bad Friday

Okay, so we managed to get out and vote today, and I was pleasantly surprised by how long the lines were. After that, we got back home for more work around the house, before taking Ella to the park to play on the slides.

Then I got the bright idea to go and pick up fish and chips for dinner. That\'s when I remembered what a large Catholic population there is in this city. My secular brain thought it was being all clever, but all of the fish and chips shops in town had line ups out the door, and 45 minute waits.

We had pizza instead. I look at it as a win either way. Tonight there will be games night. I\'m leaning toward Tobago, maybe a bit of Pandemic as well.

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Back on the Chain Gang

I haven\'t posted anything since Ella\'s birthday. I notice that she\'d taken her first shaky, tentative steps that day, and now she\'s running, and able to climb up and down stairs with great speed. It doesn\'t take that long for everything to change. Lots has changed, in fact.

We now live in a new house, well, it\'s actually an old house, but we\'ve taken many steps to make it feel new. So far, that\'s all been on the inside of the house. It\'s been too damned cold on the outside, as this winter just hasn\'t wanted to let go! The first thing we did was to remove all of the floors. This home, in the 42 years it\'s been standing had many floors installed. Unfortunately, none of them were ever removed. Now they have been. There is one layer of flooring through the house, and it\'s all new!

There has been much painting, a lot of replacing of fixtures, and removal of several half-assed DIY projects. Having to do so much of hat makes you step up your game as well. Every time the idea of taking a short cut comes to mind, you stop yourself and remember what you just finished tearing out of the place, and you just do the job the right way!

It\'s Good Friday today, and we have little planned, outside of some continued tidying of the house (damn, but we have a lot of stuff!) and getting out to vote in advanced polls. I know the election isn\'t until May 2nd, but I vote in advanced polls every election. It\'s not because I want to miss the crowds, because sadly that\'s rarely a problem these days, but rather because once I\'ve made my decision on the issues at hand, I want it done. I feel I must listen to all of the discourse before my vote is registered, but honestly, we\'re just choosing the lesser of 3 evils this time around, and I won\'t feel guilty about ignoring the blather once I\'ve done my civic duty.

That\'s it for now. More to follow, hopefully before the kid\'s next birthday.

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