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Our winning short film in the 2010 EdVideo 24 Hour Film Contest:

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I finally upgraded my MacBook to Snow Leopard. I\'d held off on an OS upgrade for a couple of years. That was hard for me. I was an early adopter on Panther and Tiger, but I held off on Leopard and its snowy scion. The main reason was that the features weren\'t enough to compel me to upgrade, or, more accurately, the things I would lose to do so.

First and foremost among these, was Final Cut Pro.  I had an old version that I\'d been running, and had picked up second hand several years ago, and so didn\'t get hit with the price tag one sees with a new version of FCP.  It turns out that this version had been orphaned by the post-Tiger versions of OSX, and so the new features in the operating system were not enough to outweigh the loss of an expensive tool, especially one with an even more expensive replacement cost.

With the impending release of the iPad (at least it\'s still impending on this side of the 49th), and the fact that it requires Leopard or better, I became more compelled to upgrade.  So, I set out in search of an alternate video editor.  Premiere Pro works well, but I find it to be a little clunky, at least on my laptop, for editing HD video.

While I don\'t loathe the revamped iMovie like many others do, it\'s nowhere near as robust as I need, and even the previous edition, which I still have on my laptop and still has timeline based editing, doesn\'t cut it for me.

In the end, I settled on Final Cut Express.  It has pretty much the same interface as Pro, and some of the differences aren\'t really a problem to me.

No multi-cam editing? No problem.  I only use one camera anyway.  No time remapping? No problem.  I found a free script that accomplishes the same time remap features.  For that matter, I tend to use After Effects to do most of my time remapping anyway.

The only thing I need to reconcile is EDL export.  It\'s not a huge deal, as I can swing over to EdVideo, open it up in FCP there, and export the EDL.  Less than ideal, but maybe there\'s another solution, and there\'s something for me to look for, or to figure out.

Having a mission is always a good thing!

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