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Lazy Saturday

It\'s a weekend without plans. There\'s nothing better than a weekend without plans. Life is all the sweeter when you\'re not clinging to a schedule that chokes all spontaneity out of your day.

There\'s so much I want to do. I want to go to the gym for a workout, I have a stack of books and magazines into which I\'d like to make a significant dent, a couple of movies I\'d like to watch.

Jan and I are also hoping to play some games. We got a new expansion set for Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago, so we\'ll play that.

Oh, and the matting for the artwork we want to hang up has been cut, so we\'ll pick that up.

We\'re also going to take Ella for a swim this morning. She loves the pool. Hmm, that ends up being the perfect time for a workout right after. Okay, so swim at 9:45, workout at 10:30 to 12:00. Then we\'ll pick up the matting and have lunch. Then back home for some games, play with Ella for a bit, take Charlie for a walk, then dinner.

After that, we\'ll get Ella to bed, and I\'ll read for half an hour while Jan nurses her down, then we can watch a movie before bed.

Yep, having no schedule is the way to go. Freewheeling, no rush to be anywhere.

Uh oh, swimming starts in 5 minutes. Gotta run or the whole day falls apart!

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Get Off My Lawn!

Watching Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey\'s hosting, so that\'s a gimme. Her musical guest is Justin Bieber. I just don\'t get it.

I\'m not sure what the fuss is about this kid. Judging by the first half hour of the show, his singing is mediocre, and he can\'t act. So in the complete absence of talent, how does this kid make it?!? Ah, well, at least I can just fast forward past the \"musical performances\".

Perhaps I\'m just practicing for when Ella gets older so that I can \"not get her music\".

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