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Tempus Fugit

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Spinning the Tens

And so a new year begins!

2009 was quite a year of huge professional and personal successes for both of us.

We started the year with the challenge of a new pregnancy. Yes, I realize that this would normally be a very happy thing, but for us, with what we had been through in 2008, it was hard to just enjoy it and be excited without that twinge of terror running through every moment of it. We figured that we\'d be fine once we passed the time frame at which we lost Rose. To be honest, it wasn\'t until she sat there on the table in the delivery room that we finally believed our dream was actually coming true.

Now, Ella just turned 5 months old and couldn\'t be more perfect. Her arrival has led to many great things in our lives, both economically (we carry no debt, save our mortgage) and healthwise (I\'m down 55 pounds since just shortly before she was born. Time to start setting good examples).

I\'d continue on, but it\'s taken me forever to get this far, and I\'ve likely bared soul enough for tonight.

Happy New Year! I hope it\'s good for you and yours!

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