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It\’s a Girl!

It\'s a girl!
Ella Ivey French born 3:31 PM 7.5 lbs and perfect!

Mom and daughter doing well!


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It\'s a girl!
Ella Ivey French born 3:31 PM 7.5 lbs and perfect!

Mom and daughter doing well!


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Watching The Wheels


Waiting, waiting, waiting.

We\'re ready to go. Now, it\'s just a question of time. Tuesday or Friday. It\'ll be one or the other of them. Now it\'s just a question of which one.

And so, we wait.

We\'ve got lots of books to read in the meantime. Jan got three from the library yesterday. I think she\'s through two of them. I\'m reading Carter Beats The Devil and loving it. I\'m a big fan of historical fiction as it is. This book takes place at the time at which Warren G. Harding died. I had researched his death at the beginning of the year, when I stayed in the hotel in which he died. It\'s primarily a book about a magician in the 20s, a topic that I\'m finding very interesting right now. It has me wanting to watch The Prestige again.

After I finish Carter, I\'ll read the author\'s (Glen David Gold, for the record) latest book, Sunnyside. It centers on Charlie Chaplin in the WWI era. Yeah. Sold.

I also finished Darwyn Cooke\'s adaptation of Richard Stark\'s Parker (The Hunter, to be specific). Great stuff. A really cool retro-feel crime story. Highly recommended.

Of course, we may be hitting the library tomorrow so that Jan can refuel.


Back to the waiting.

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Getting Stuff Done

First thing first, I\'ve got Baltimora on the brain. Tarzan Boy has been stuck in my head since I got up this morning. I\'m working on replacing it with Shoebox by Barenaked Ladies.

Last night I put some new strings on the Ovation. I always love the sound of new strings, but these sounded fantastic. It made me think of when Johnny Ramone used to talk about his desired tone being like \"energy coming out of the amp\". That\'s what this sounded like to me. I tend to use thick strings (11s or 12s for the gearheads) so very little stretching is needed to keep them in tune. String it up, tune it and get playing. Simple and as it should be.

Now that the first pitch has been sent out in time for the SDCC deadline, I\'m turning my attention to our next project. In this one, I\'m trying a different tactic. I\'m working on a spec pilot script for this one. It\'ll never see the light of day (it\'s more of a process document. We\'ll write a \"real\" script as we get further into the development process) as it\'s more an exercise to work out which characters are needed, what they\'re needed for and how they relate to one another. No outlining, but just letting it flow intuitively. It feels like a very organic experience in comparison to the last one. Not better, just different.

Looks like a rainy day for my last Friday before fatherhood. I\'ll get some more writing done after work is done this afternoon.

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Baby Update

For those who are curious, the baby will be arriving either on Tuesday or Friday. I\'m not being all hippy dippy psychic with that, it\'s more the fact that we will likely be scheduling a c-section. Of course, the baby could flip around, but at 39 weeks, that seems unlikely, as space in there is now at a premium!

Watch this space for updates!

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The Real Ethernet

I just had a blog entry that I wrote last week disappear. For some reason it was kept as a draft by the WordPress app for the iPhone. I tried to publish it and it hung for a while, before disappearing.

It was about editing. That much I remember. I\'ve been working on Double Dog Down after many issues with file formats everything seems to be moving forward nicely. I\'ll be ready for the screening in September.

In addition to this, my new camera is communicating nicely with Adobe Premiere. When I used the same model camera for the 24 hour movie challenge in April, there were problems with audio sync. That doesn\'t appear to be an issue anymore. I\'m not sure what I did to fix it, but yay me.

I\'ll get some shooting done once the dust settles. I\'m blown away by how great the footage from this camera looks. I\'m looking forward to creating something with it!

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